Top Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

5 September 2011 23 Comments

Here is the list of ten most beautiful cities in our world. These are the cities that make our earth beautiful and charming. These are the most visited, but also the most mysterious and complex places that reflect the history of our civilizations. All these are must visited places for the persons who want to see the beauty of world.

At Number 10

Shanghai (People’s Republic of China)

One the most complex and fast growing Asian capitals, Shanghai grows each year like a palm tree. It is also an extremely polluted place which breaks records in terms of new technologies and construction every day.



At Number 9

Sydney (Australia)

Sydney reflects the impression of European civilization on the other side of the world while taking in account the wild and preserved natural environment it is situated in. It attracts millions of visitors each year while being the symbol of Australia.



At Number 8

Rome (Italy)

The city standing on seven hills by the Tiber River is a treasure-trove of monuments among some of the most beautiful squares and classical architecture in the world.



At Number 7

Florence (Tuscany)

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. The city lies on the River Arno; it is known for its history and its importance in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance, especially for its art and architecture and, more generally, for its cultural heritage.


At Number 6

Amsterdam (Netherland)

Amsterdam is one of the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. Each of the thousands of buildings that line Amsterdam’s main canals can be classified as a monument, beautifully kept as apartments, offices, cafés, restaurants, and even brothels. All together they make the city one of the most charming in the world, a stunning place of bridges and bikes crossing canals and strikingly elegant architecture.



At Number 5

London (England)

It is the Capital of England. The perfect place of European excellence and traditions. Always ahead in terms of fashion, music and films. A place of talent and opportunities. Have a cup of tea in a pub near Westminster, only to walk down the Thames and find yourself in The City. London is truly a magical city.



At Number 4

Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon is the capital city and largest city of Portugal. Magnificently sited on a series of hills running down to the grand Tagus River, Lisbon is one of the world’s most scenic cities. Beautiful unexpected views are found at every turn down its colorful, picturesque streets, and especially from strategically-placed viewpoints or terraces at the top of each hill.



At Number 3

New York (United States)

New York City, with a population of over 8,000,000 people, is the most populous city in the United States. It is known for its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing center, and for its history as a gateway for immigration to the United States. Probably the symbol of triumphant Western civilization and the centre for media and finance.



At Number 2

Paris (France)

The most visited place on earth is also the capital of high fashion, culture, gastronomy and France. Symbolic monuments, romantic restaurants, amazing shops, authentic cafes, good food, Paris has everything to offer. The Seine and the bridges that cross it, the grand boulevards, the monumental squares, the magnificent monuments, the charming streets of Montmartre — these images of Paris confirm that it is indeed the most elegant and sophisticated of all cities. Paris is a must visit place for every person.


At Number 1

Venice (Italy)

The wonderful romantic Italian capital is the destination for a couple, preferably during the Masquerade Ball but also for Valentine’s. Venice is a truly magical place to be when you’re in love. Among those who’ve seen it in person, the conclusion is unanimous: Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and the only one that can truly be described as unique.

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  • Nisar ali said:

    very nice…………

  • Jon Randy said:

    Err…. where’s Stockholm in this list?

  • webantime said:

    what about Belgrade… :) It is a nice looking city too.

  • ssiabm said:

    What about Cape Town?

    …Now that’s a beautiful city if you ask me.

  • Y s s said:

    What of Arabia country

  • Rochas sylvanus said:

    Where is my country capital here?ABUJA.NIGERIA

  • Noble kaka said:

    Waooo,venice?awesome,still love new york city.

  • ibraw said:

    where is Mecca?

  • datchanamoorthy said:

    very nice

  • IKIAH RAJIV said:

    This is fabulous in fact i love all the cities but the one i loved the most is not made mention of which is Los Angeles

  • Francisco said:

    I think Lisbon should be at least number 3… New york is a great/huge city but it’s a jungle of concrete

  • kakha said:

    these are all very beautiful ,,,,but i more love my city than these…it called batumi, which located in georgia this is small cauntry belowe the russia….visit us and you will spend the best time…p.s inspect of this i want to go in london : (

  • John said:

    ummm, have u ever been there? cuz its not nice

  • Gift ohaka said:

    All does cities are gud bt mi city is the best that is abuja the finest among all

  • are said:

    Paris IS FUGLY!

    its filled with tourists and the locals constantly take advantage of that
    -> high prices for shitty food in a city thats overrated and overcrowded

  • faheem.khan said:

    list is appropriate venice is the most beautiful city,where the love become more lovely.

  • faheem.khan said:

    All the cities in the list are most beautiful which is the symbol of high culture civilization,but not more beautiful than my mother land because where there is love n emotion there is life.even city is very backward or small.

  • faheem.khan said:

    Its not important, from what extent your city is beautiful,its very important,that from what extent the heart of poeple is beautiful which are living in the city,thats make the city beautiful.

  • Dwayne said:

    Paris is vey ugly. It is full of loud-mouthed tourists. The locals are extremely unfriendly and treat you like dirt. Eveything, including the sitty food, is extremely expensive. Believe me l stayed in Paris for 10 days because of business & could not wait to get the hell out of there. Paris, you are one very expensive, arrogant and shitty place.

  • XYZ said:

    I think Budapest should be at number 1.

  • XYZ said:

    totally right

  • Umar farouk yahaya said:

    All country listed there are all very beautiful but as pupolar as london i can’t see it there.secondly i ll luv u olll 2 cum Abuja Nigeria and see lot wonders.

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